Gymnastics Classes (ages 2 ½ – 6)

Gymnastics classes are held once a week for 1 hour and consist of 3 parts: warm-up, skill, and play. We incorporate music and rhyming songs to maximize motor skill development and individual skills.  All equipment is supplied and brought to the facility.  Children will participate in an end of the year showcase and receive a trophy.

Mousercise Classes (18months – Pre-K)

Mousercise is an aerobic based class in which we will use specialized gymnastics equipment to promote and help with coordination, development, and flexibility.  Classes are held once a week for 30 minutes and consist of warm-up, music, skill time, and play.

Tiger Tumble Bus (ages 18 months – Pre-K)

Grow, Learn, and Play with the Tiger Tumble Bus!   In our classes every child will learn the basics of gymnastics, fitness, motor development skills, balance, and coordination.  Classes on the bus are once a week for 45 minutes and consist of 3 parts: warm-up, skill, and play.  The skills they learn and develop on the Tiger Tumble Bus will help them grow, and be successful in future sports and activities.

Once the Tiger Tumble Bus is parked and secure at your facility, the fitness and fun begins!